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Tylenol Dosages

Tylenol should be administered every four hours in the following doses.

6-11 lbs0-3 months1/2 (.4 ml) 
12-17 lbs4-11 months1 (.8 ml)1/2
18-23 lbs12-23 months1-1/23/4
24-35 lbs2-3 year21
SUPPOSITORY80 mg120 mg325 mg

Motrin Dosages

Motrin should be administered every six hours in the following doses.

14-17 lbs6-11 months1/2 tsp
18-23 lbs12-23 months3/4 tsp
24-35 lbs2-6 year1 tsp
36-47 lbs4-5 year1-1/2 tsp
48-59 lbs6-8 year2 tsp (2-100mg tabs)
60-71 lbs9-10 year2-12 tsp (2-100mg tabs)
72-95 lbs11 year3 tsp (3-100mg tabs)

* NOTE: The above medicines should not be taken together!

Benadryl Dosages

12-17 lbs1/2 tsp
18-23 lbs3/4 tsp
24-35 lbs1 tsp
36-47 lbs1-1/2 tsp
48+ lbs2 tsp
48-87 lbs1 25 mg tab
87+ lbs2 25 mg tab
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